March 2016

Ο γάμος της Σοφίας & του Γιάννη

Ο γάμος της Σοφίας και του Γιάννη…

…στον Ιερό Ναό της Αγίας Βαρβάρας στο Αιγάλαιω έγινε το πρώτο σαββατοκύριακο του Μάρτη με λιγους και διαλεχτούς καλεσμένους και η συνέχεια πήρε μέρος στην Πετρούπολη στο Καντάρι.




Sirui P424S Carbon Monopod

The Sirui P424S Carbon


Sirui P424S Carbon Monopod

Sirui P424S Carbon Monopod

…is the creme de la creme of video monopods. Period.

The build quality of this kit is simply exceptional, it’s packed full of
cool features, and overall is light for its size. The feet are very long
making the unit steady and suitable for a camera with a zoom lens the size
of a Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8… something you would never imagine doing on a
similar Manfrotto monopod for example.

The system breaks down allowing you to use a ball head (not included) and
feet without the monopod pole. You can also remove the feet and use it as
a normal photo monopod. Options include an extra top plate and a spike if
you want to use it in soil or grass. And it all comes with a very cool
carrying case.

What more could you ask?!

You can get one here: (eBay link)


Sections: 4
Open Length:  1900mm
Closed Length: 765mm
Min Leg Diameter: 25
Max Leg Diameter: 36
Weight: 1.4Kg
Max Support Weight 12Kg


*Thanks Dave for the corrections!